Heroes of Moon Shade Hollow

What we are doing and building up here would never be possible without some very special friends. We call them our Heroes.

Gary Kenady

This guy has been helping me out for years, not only here but at my other studio The Zone. Here he is helping me put in electrical for some new lighting in the Little House.Gary_3


Jeff Eubanks

Jeff came out to help me run ethernet cable (which he supplied as well) down to the Little House. He ran the trencher across the driveway and up the hill and worked LATE into the night splicing the telephone wire we ended up cutting.


Also contributing sweat equity were Jeff Eubanks and Crystal.
David Huenergardt

David headed up the tiling job in the Lodge kitchen. As with most creative people the more he got into it the more ideas he and Crystal came up with, such as all these diagonal cuts. It ended up being more work than we'd figured but he stuck with it through the end.